Banana peels might seem like an item that’s more at home in your compost bin, but there’s actually a few compelling reasons you might want to hang onto them.

We’ve collected a few of the main reasons why you should never throw out banana peels. 

1. They’re edible.

Boil them for a few minutes to soften the texture to and banana peels can be nutritious additions to many dishes if you’re looking for a boost of magnesium and potassium.

2. They can keep meat tender.

Roasting chicken breast, but don’t want it to dry out? Throw an old banana peel into the pan and put the meat on top of it, which will keep the poultry tender before you dig in.

3. They can polish your shoes.

If your footwear is a looking a little worse for wear, pick up an old banana peel. They’re rich with potassium which is the key ingredient in any good shoe polish.

4. They're useful in the garden.

Bury some cut-up banana peels in your garden, about an inch underground, and they will encourage pesky aphids around the house to leave your garden alone.

5. They can clean up your plants.

Indoor plants can get a layer of dust easily and look unattractive and unhealthy, but this is easily fixed by sliding the inside of a banana peel over the leaves.

6. They can ease pains.

Many people say pressing a banana peel against a bug bite, poison ivy rash or sunburn can be an effective way to ease pain and provide gentle pain relief.

Article created in partnership with Over60

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