In what is perhaps one of the most eggs-traordinary discoveries in Australian grocery history, a perfectly round egg has been found laying in a Victorian supermarket.

3AW Football host Jacqui Felgate shared the remarkable find to her Instagram followers, revealing she had been sent footage of the egg that was taken at a Woolworths in inner-city Melbourne.

“From a follower: This is so random, but I thought I would share this eggcellent find,” the post read.

“In our egg carton we found a round egg.

“After a quick google realised it was one in a billion, literally one in a billion eggs are round and the last one that was found sold for over $1400!”

Naturally, Instagram users flocked to the post, with a lot questioning how an egg could ever sell for four figures.

“Yolkidding me,” one wrote.

“Folks buying eggs for $1400? That’s eggtortion. 😩,” another said.

However, many of the comments sympathised with the chicken who created the perfectly round — and relatively large — incredible egg.

“All I could think was that poor chicken 🐔 😬,” one said.

“The poor chicken that squeezed that one out 😮,” another added.

One even questioned the sphere’s authenticity, commenting, “Is it really an egg 🥚??”

Considering perfectly round eggs have earned finders big bucks in the past, it was no surprise that someone told Felgate her find was a thing of fortune.

“It’s your lucky day get a ticket to the 60 mill tonight.” they said.

Only time will tell if Felgate’s fortunate find will bring her prosperity or wind up scrambled, fried or poached.

Image credit: Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.