A Canadian expat has given a controversial opinion on several popular Aussie snacks.

Her opinion, which no one asked for, claimed that some of Australia’s most cherished snacks were simply not worth the hype.

Iona claimed that since she’s lived in the country for nearly seven years, she was entitled to a candid opinion, free of nostalgic basis.

The expat clearly knew her video would cause a stir as she pleaded for people “not to get mad”.

She began her TikTok, “These are Aussie snacks I would not touch with a 10-foot pole,”

The first snack she blasted was the infamous Smith’s Burger Rings, a BBQ flavoured corn-based chip that is no doubt an Aussie staple.

“Burger rings are a crime to tastebuds everywhere,” she said. “They don’t even taste like burgers, they taste like sadness.”

From there she was quick to attack the next product, Arnott’s beloved TeeVee snacks.

“I would rather go to Bunnings and suck on sandpaper than eat these again,” she said, pointing to a TeeVee snack box. “You’re all wrong.”

The beloved Arnott’s Chicken Crimpy shapes also came under the line of fire, with Iona sharing they “taste like nothing”.

Even Cadbury made the list with their strawberry flavoured Freddos and the Caramilk bar, both labelled a solid “no” for the Canadian. “Jail. Immediate jail!” she remarked.

Aussies were quick to shut her down, sharing their opinions in the comment section.

“You don’t have Aussie tastebuds. They all rock,” one wrote.

“Nah, you’ve too far gone!” another responded, with the official TikTok account for Shapes replying, ”Agreed.”

Another TikToker remarked, “I really tried to be tolerant and accepting but I punched a hole in my wall when burger rings came up, and things only got worse from there.”

Some jumped to Iona’s defence, with one “Australian” commenting, “I’m Australian and I agree with everything,” but the majority of comments declared she had no business slandering Aussie icons.

Image credit: TikTok

This article first appeared on Over60.