A Queensland couple were given the chance to share one last moment together after 60 years of memories, thanks to the kind act of two paramedics.

Danny and Shirly Rowland had been living separately for almost two months, with Danny staying in their Torbanlea home on the Fraser Coast while Shirly received treatment in an aged care home.

Suffering from terminal cancer, Danny believed he would never see again or have a chance to say his final goodbyes.

“There wasn’t a day that went by that dad didn’t say, ‘gee I wish I could see mum’,” their daughter Karen Bellert told 7NEWS.

After complications occurred with the equipment used to treat him at home last week, Danny was taken to hospital by paramedics Samantha and Joshua.

When they learned of his wish to see Shirly again, Samantha and Joshua were determined to grant his wish.

After the equipment was fixed, the paramedics took a detour on the way back to Danny’s home to reunite the couple.

“The staff said we can’t let you come in, but we can bring mum out,” the couple’s son, Ricky Rowland, said.

“We had a beautiful moment for about 20 minutes where dad was able to say his final goodbyes to mum.”

Danny passed away a few days later.

“I really think dad was hanging in to say that last goodbye to mum, because not long after that he passed away,” Ricky Rowland said.

Rowland said his dad’s final words to his mum were, “oh well Shirl, I’ll see you later on. And if I don’t, just know that I’ll love you forever.”

Image: Queensland Ambulance / Instagram

This article originally appeared on Over60.