Supermarket giant ALDI is finally listening to fans and moving into online sales, with the crowd-inducing Special Buys and alcohol the first to become available in the future.

Tom Daunt, ALDI CEO, said that groceries could be added at a later date.

“We are likely to start with something more exciting like wine or Special Buys online before we would entertain a full grocery offer,” he revealed to News Corp.

Professor Gary Mortimer, a retail expert from the Queensland University of Technology, says that this is a conservative move by the supermarket.

“Those types of products, particularly general merchandise and apparel special buys, tend to be the type of product that you may move online to capture a new geographic market,” he said.

“So Aldi currently isn’t in the NT or Alice Springs or Tasmania, but if they were to go online with just their special buys they would immediately capture that new geographic custom.”

ALDI is also opening 20 more stores across Australia, with South Australia and NSW to have the majority of stores.