A Woolworths shopper has shared the unexpected act by a staff member while she was paying for groceries.

Posting the story on Facebook, Victorian shopper Sammy said the kind Woolworths checkout worker left her in tears while she was going through the self-serve checkout.

The customer said she was in a distressed state while out shopping at her local store following the death of her dog earlier that day.

When the employee asked if she needed help at the checkout, Sammy shared what had happened and the worker went and picked up a box of Cadbury Favourites chocolates for the grieving customer to take home.

“Today I lost my beautiful German shepherd, I had to duck into [Woolworths] for dinner,” she wrote.

“We still need to wear masks in Ballarat, Victoria. I’m at the self-service checkout and I’m asked if I was OK, my eyes must’ve said it all.

“I told her my dog passed this morning and she came back with these and gave her condolences. I cried so much in my car.

“A beautiful act of kindness from your staff.”

A Woolworths representative replied to Sammy’s post, saying the supermarket was proud of their worker’s kind actions.

“We wish to extend our sincere condolences to you and your family during this difficult time,” they said.

“We’re glad to hear that one of our team members at our Ballarat store could see that you weren’t OK and give you a box of Cadbury Favourites.

“We’ve already provided your feedback to the Ballarat Store Management team so the team member in question receives the recognition she deserves.”

Image: Facebook

This article originally appeared on Over60.