For some people, Mother’s Day is easy, with mums dropping gift hints all throughout the year, plus a few timely reminders sprinkled in right before the big day for good measure.

For others, it’s a wild guessing game, usually off the back of the annual “oh, you don’t have to get me anything”. And as anyone who’s steered headfirst into that one before knows, it isn’t a risk worth taking.

Luckily, the good people over at Innovations – Australia’s most trusted home shopping brand for more than 35 years – have it covered, no matter what your mum’s tastes may be.

With an impressive range boasting everything from homewares to garden essentials, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and crafts galore, you’re sure to find something that delights, while giving her the pamper treatment she deserves.

And with these ten top picks, you may even snag yourself the title of ‘favourite child’ for 2023.

1. Say goodbye to a chilly reception this winter 

There are few things worse in the winter than wanting your hot water bottle, but lacking any motivation to wait around for the water to boil – and then just to cool enough to safely put in there – and often just opting to go without.

But that’s where Cuddly Herbie comes in! With its microwave heating capabilities, this cotton friend is the perfect size for a warm hug, is filled with silicone beans, and even comes with a removable polyester cover for mums all across Australia to beat the winter chill.

And better yet, it’s good for the whole year – just pop your Herbie Heat Pack in the freezer and in no time you’ll have yourself a cool compress for all those pesky aches and pains.

Herbie Heat Pack, $36.95 – Buy now at Innovations

2. No laundry room? No problem

Anyone who does laundry has – at one point or another – stood in front of their machine debating whether or not they have enough to warrant a full load. And whether the solution was to search the house top to bottom for a few more all-important smelly socks, or to save the chore for another full-basket day, an easier one was within reach all along.

With a mini washing machine, a small load is no hassle! No-one needs to feel guilty about it either, with the small appliance using an even smaller share of power and water to get the job done.

Standing proud at 28cm tall, and complete with a draining basket and draining pipe, this portable machine isn’t greedy, and only asks for some laundry soap, a wall outlet, and some water to get started. It’s even portable, so if your mum’s been after something to lighten the packing load on her next caravanning trip, this may just be the perfect pick for her.

Mini Washing Machine, $89.00 – Buy now at Innovations

3. Sudoku? Don’t mind if you do 

Some mums enjoy a crossword, and some mums are a little more into numbers, opting to test their brain with a good old sudoku puzzle instead. But no matter which takes your mum’s fancy, you have the power to save her from the frustration of crossing out poor guesses, smudges that refuse to budge, and scribbles that made sense – and only made sense – at the time.

With this natural wooden board, measuring in at 24 x 24cm, those issues are a thing of the past! With over 100 printed puzzles to slide in and play, and 81 double-sided number tiles, there’s hours of enjoyment to be found. And best of all, for those who want the fun without the headache, the board comes complete with its very own solution booklet.

Deluxe Sudoku Game, $39.95 – Buy now at Innovations

4. Can’t lose that, won’t lose that 

How many times have we heard our mums ask themselves where they’ve put something? Be it their phone, their keys, or even the shoes they last had on, we’ve all joined that search and rescue mission – sometimes even being the ones to ask ourselves.

Luckily, your mum need never lose her favourite lipstick again, and reaching for her best moisturiser has never been easier, with this durable cosmetic organiser. Made of an adorable pastel pink plastic, this space-saving wonder features three spacious drawers, a clear acrylic lid for easy viewing – tall enough to hold even those pesky tall bottles – and a handy carry handle, so your mum can keep it out on display, or carry it right along with her on her next big trip.

Cosmetic Organiser, $49.00 – Buy now at Innovations

5. Make cold hands a thing of the past 

Whatever the reason – of which there are dozens – many people are in constant battle with their own cold fingers and toes. And most aren’t particularly keen on the idea of wearing gloves around the house until they warm up, especially if they’re particularly bulky and doomed to get in the way of a task.

But with this little hand warmer, knocking out that chill can be done in record time, and all without taking up an unnecessary amount of space in your mum’s cupboard or her bag. This pocket-sized device comes with its very own carry pouch, and warms to 30, 37, or 50°C – it even stays that way for up to an impressive seven hours. It’s easy to charge with the provided USB cable, and even doubles as a powerful rechargeable battery that can charge your smartphone, tablet or any other USB-compatible device on the go.

Comforting Hand Warmer with Power Bank, $19.95 – Buy now at Innovations

6. Don’t keep ‘pilling’ on 

Some clothing lasts an entire lifetime without a loose thread or a lint ball in sight, while other items subscribe more to the ‘blink and you’ve got pilling’ way of life. No mum wants to send herself or her kids – or even her grandkids – out in the world covered like that, and this shaver may be just the thing to give her some peace of mind in the face of another pilling crisis.

Perfect for everything from coats to jumpers and plush toys, this fabric shaver makes the most of its stainless steel blades and three-speed motor to get the job done well, and to get it done quickly. It even comes with a lint box that’s no hassle to empty, and can be used just about anywhere – not only is it cordless, but it’s rechargeable, and comes with a USB cord – as well as a cleaning brush to get rid of the most stubborn of lint.

Rechargeable Fabric Shaver, $34.95 – Buy now at Innovations

7. See the light, smell the light

With a sleek wood-grain finish and colour-changing light brand, this show-stopping piece doesn’t just look good – it smells good, too. And if there’s one thing a mum deserves, it’s the opportunity to relax in luxury, even if she’s doing it from the comfort of her own home.

All it takes is a few drops of water and some essential oil, and this diffuser does the work from there. And with options that range from a soft and steady light to an entire rainbow cycle of colour, whatever your mum’s mood, she can customise her surroundings to her heart’s content. At just 16 cm tall, it won’t even take up too much space, and comes with a USB cord, with the potential to be powered by a simple phone charger.

Aroma Diffuser with Coloured Light, $39.95 – Buy now at Innovations

8. Slip into comfort

One of the hardest things in the colder months is getting out of bed, so if the option was there to slide your feet out of there and straight into some cosy slippers, wouldn’t you take it? Wouldn’t you want your mum to take it?

With a fluffy collar, these slippers are a warm and comfy at-home essential, made from a soft suede with a gorgeous wool lining. And with a moulded rubber sole, there’s that little bit of extra support that doesn’t come with your standard slipper socks. Plus, if blue isn’t quite your mum’s colour, these also come in a beautiful dusty pink.

Cosy Wool Lined Slipper, $74.00 – Buy now at Innovations

9. Don’t look so puzzled 

Jigsaw puzzles not only provide hours – sometimes entire days – of entertainment, but they can also leave you with a fun statement art piece at the end. Granted, of course, that you didn’t lose any pieces along the way.

One way to prevent that unfortunate end? A puzzle mat. Able to roll up, these keep puzzles held securely in place for those times you need your table back but don’t quite have the time to finish, or simply need to move to another, comfier location. Sometimes you might start your puzzle alone and later decide to call in reinforcements, and sometimes it goes the other way, after all – too many cooks spoil the broth, too many puzzlers complicate the jigsaw.

This mat has guides for jigsaws ranging between 500 and 2000 pieces – with grids at 500, 1000, 1500, and 2000 intervals. So no matter the size of your mum’s project, she doesn’t need to worry about losing track – instead, she can focus her full attention on securing those crucial corner pieces.

Gridded Puzzle Mat, $23.95 – Buy now at Innovations

10. That’s ‘sew’ perfect

While a sewing project can start so, so small, it never takes long for things to expand, and for you to suddenly need far more than you ever thought you might. It can quickly become a pain, getting up and down, to grab whatever it is you’re missing, and can just as quickly drain any enthusiasm in the process.

But with this versatile wooden workstation, your mum can have everything with her from the very beginning, and she can do it in style – and from wherever she wants, with its convenient wheels. While folded down, the table measures 59 x 40 x 79 cm high, and while folded out, its entire workspace measures 117 x 40 cm.

Additionally, the inside of the station boasts three shelves to store essential tools and supplies, as well as an entire internal shelf dedicated to storing machines while they’re not in use, keeping things neat, tidy, and practical for any avid sewer.

Folding Sewing Table, $199 – Buy now at Innovations

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