A remote Australian town has welcomed its first baby in 15 years with the father just making the delivery after trekking a crazy 280km.

Jessie Harvey rushed to Richmond Hospital in outback Queensland about 3am on April 30 when she started experiencing contractions.

There were no midwives or births at Richmond Hospital and the doctor who had checked Jessie fainted soon after telling her she was 8cm dilated.

The hospital called for help from the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and staff were relieved to have someone experienced on hand.

However, the only problem was Jessie’s partner Sam McGrath was 280km away working on a remote cattle station at East Creek, Woodstock when he received the surprising news.

He immediately jumped into his ute and drove the hundreds of kilometres and shockingly made it in time for his son’s birth.

“I had just taken a sip out of my coffee when I got the call. I grabbed my bag and chucked it on the ute then had to high-tail it into town,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

RFDS doctor Shima Ghedia helped deliver baby Darby who was welcomed into the world with cheers after being the first baby born in 15 years in the remote town.

“It was honestly amazing everyone was so stoked, so happy to see a child being born [at Richmond],” Sam said.

“It was pretty well a cheering vibe, everyone was quite ecstatic.”

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