A Brisbane man has been remembered in a hilarious obituary, with his loved ones describing him as “annoying”, “trying”, and “ever-entertaining”.

The tribute to Stephen Ralph Morris, who died at age 75, was published in the Courier Mail’s death notices in Brisbane, before making the rounds on social media.

The father-of-six was immortalised with a photo of him drinking a beer, as he was remembered by his siblings, friends and three wives.

The obit reads, “Stephen Ralph Morris, April 23 1947 – September 10 2022: Trying yet loving son to Norm & Gwen. Annoying yet protective big brother to Phillip & Helen. Bewildering yet loveable husband to Valda, Joann and Rosemary.”

“Questionable yet ever-entertaining parenting methods to Stevie & Sherry, Jodie & Terri, Clare & Liam + 7 grandkids.”

“Partner in crime to Daryl (AKA Dismal Dizzy). Mongrel to his many mates. Story teller, poet, larger than life, life of the party! Thanks for the memories, you crazy bastard.”

The tribute concluded with plans to remember Steven’s life, exactly how he wanted it.

“No funeral will held as per Steve’s request. P**s-up at Stafford Tavern.”

The obituary ended with a poignant quote from Frank Sinatra: “I did it my way”.

The hilarious tribute quickly went viral after being shared on Reddit, with many describing it as “brilliantly written” and agreeing with Steve opting for having a party over a funeral.

“That’s what I want instead of a funeral – everyone have a party! The Janis Joplin approach,” said one commenter.

“I have already told my family I absolutely don’t want a funeral. I find them weird. I would allow a party but that’s it,” said another.

Others who were not known to Mr Morris said they were keen to attend the pub for the memorial party, thinking it’s what Steve would’ve wanted.

“If my current plans fall through this weekend, my backup will be Stafford Tavern at 2 pm wearing a fun shirt … despite never meeting the bloke,” one said.

“I reckon Stephen would approve of us all turning up!” said another.

Image credits: Reddit

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