Queen Consort Camilla’s ex-husband, whom she shares two kids with, has carried out an official duty on her behalf.

Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles formally represented the Queen Consort at his cousin John Bowes-Lyon’s funeral at the London Oratory.

This is the first official duty he has performed on behalf of his ex-wife and it is believed that it won’t be the last time the 82-year-old former Army officer would represent the Queen Consort.

“Andrew is happy to do anything he is asked. He still enjoys a warm relationship with Camilla,” a source told Daily Mail.

Camilla and Andrew married in 1973 before they separated in the 1980s and divorced in 1995.

They share two children, Tom and Laura.

Earlier this year, the Queen Consort spoke candidly about cooking for her children despite not being a great in the kitchen.

“I always cooked for the children growing up, and they were good eaters, but I was never the most adventurous of cooks,” she said.

“I was sent on a cooking course in Sussex when I was young but, really, I learnt from my mother. I’ve never followed a recipe in my life…

“I could fill a book with all my cooking disasters. I’m not a natural baker, to say the least.

“As for baked potatoes… many a poor, incinerated specimen has been found in the bottom of the Aga, put in, then forgotten about.”

Camilla married King Charles III in 2005 following a whirlwind romance and affairs dating back to when Charles was married to Diana.

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