Celebrity chef Jock Zonfrillo’s eldest daughter, Ava, has shared a loving tribute to her late father, three weeks on from his passing.

In a post to social media, Ava shared a series of images of herself and her father – some from her childhood, some more recent, all of them capturing happy moments from throughout their lives.

“Still can’t accept that we’ll be remembering you for more time than we had you,” she wrote as the post’s caption, “but it doesn’t mean we’ll love you any less.

“I love you dad, always.”

Support came in thick and fast for the young Zonfrillo – who is one of two daughters from a previous relationship – with friends and supporters offering their love and support in Ava’s time of grief.

“Sending you so much love and strength,” wrote reality TV star Tayla Broad.

“Sending you so much love, beautiful girl,” influencer Rebecca Harding echoed.

“Love you dearly and will be giving you the biggest of hugs soon my darling friend,” one friend promised. “We’ve got you”.

“Thinking of you always,” another wrote, “giving you the biggest hug”.

“What an amazing human,” one said, before adding, “Ava, I can’t imagine the pain! Sending so much love and strength”.

Meanwhile, former Masterchef Australia contestants Laura Sharrad and Simon Toohey each shared three heart emojis with the 22 year old. Jackie Barnes followed suit, sharing one.

Fashion designer Colette Dinnigan also wrote that she was sending love Ava’s way. Dinnigan had previously shared her own tribute to the late chef and his family, writing that “our hearts go out to the family that Jock adored and loved so much.

“It feels like I have had him as a lifelong friend but that is how he made everyone feel. Rest in Peace Jock.”

The response was similar there, with one user summing it up for everyone when they wrote “it’s obvious his loss has been felt deeply across Australia. A man who must have given so much to others.”

The loss is one sitting heavily on the shoulders and in the hearts of Jock’s loved ones – from his children, to his wife Lauren, and his coworkers-turned-friends, who all meant the world to him.

As Andy Allen, Jock’s fellow Masterchef Australia judge, told Channel 10, “every single day he made time for Lauren and the kids.

“Every single day [on set] we’d be in makeup, he’d get a call, he’d FaceTime them.”

Andy went on to make the heartbreaking confession that one of the hardest things to come to terms with was knowing his late friend would never be able to walk his three daughters down the aisle, something he knew “meant so much to Jock.”

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