Late Masterchef judge Jock Zonfrillo has been laid to rest by his loved ones at a private funeral in Sydney.

His wife, Lauren Fried, was there with their four children – Eva, Sophie, Alfie, And Isla – as well as other members of the late chef’s family, who had flown in from Scotland and the United States to pay their respects.

Zonfrillo’s Masterchef co-hosts Melissa Leong and Andy Allen could also be spotted in pictures that circulated online after the service, alongside the likes of fellow Scot Jimmy Barnes, and chefs George Colombaris, Manu Feidel, Colin Fassnidge, Miguel Maestre, and Matt Moran.

Barnes was later joined by his daughter, Mahalia, and the two performed a touching rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ for the service.

Lauren led their small procession of mourners into the chapel, with tartan draped across a shoulder, as an indigenous smoking ceremony took place, and bagpipes were played. Pictures revealed that Zonfrillo’s coffin had been adorned with the Royal Banner of Scotland, and topped with a bouquet of white roses and orchids.

It was a heartbreaking scene to witness, but it was Lauren’s words within the chapel that have struck a chord with mourners, as she paid tribute to her late husband.

“We are two halves that found each other at the exact moment in life when we were ready,” she said, according to The Daily Mail. “We were ready for that big love to live a life of adventure, to become parents together, to imagine extraordinary things and to actually make them happen.”

Zonfrillo’s daughter Ava – one of two from a former relationship – added that “it goes without saying that at the heart of everything you did was family.

“And one of the hardest things to accept is that you won’t be here to see ours grow.”

And to everyone, they added, “for those who crossed his path and became his mate or were lucky enough to be in this family, keep this proud Scot in your heart when you have your next whisky.”

No wake was held after the funeral, with one attendee informing The Daily Mail that “the family just wants it to happen without any of the attention his death has attracted, which has understandably been overwhelming.

“They’re trying to keep it as personal as they can. It’s critical they be given the space to do that.”

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