Lady Louise Windsor, one of Queen Elizabeth’s numerous great-grandchildren, has joined the thousands of young people in a tradition as old as time itself: getting a summer job.

Though she might be a royal, the 18-year-old’s new job is quite ordinary, with reports that she is earning £6.83 ($AU 11.68 or $NZ 13.03) at a garden centre.

According to The Sun, Lady Louise was spotted by a shopper, pruning and potting plants, as well as greeting customers and serving them behind the till.

The shopper described the daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, as “modest”, “sweet” and “polite”.

“I couldn’t believe it was Lady Louise – I had to look twice,” the shopper told the newspaper.

“She is a really modest and sweet young woman who is polite and attentive to customers. She seemed to be loving the job.

“You’d never imagine the Queen’s (great) granddaughter would take on a role working behind a till.”

It’s believed Lady Louise is working at the garden centre several days a week, with the news coming after a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed she would be studying English at the University of St Andrew’s after finishing her A-levels in June.

Though she is 16th in line for the throne, Lady Louise and her brother, James, don’t use an HRH title, nor are they expected to carry out duties when they’re older.

As unexpected as the royal’s job appears, it seems to have delighted fans of the monarchy, with one fan telling The Sun: “It’s not every day you buy begonias off a royal.”

Image: Getty Images

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