Prince Harry dressed up as Spider-Man for a surprise Christmas video for children’s charity for bereaved military children and young people.

The Duke of Sussex recorded himself in the superhero costume for Scotty’s Little Soldiers which was played at their annual Christmas party.

The theme of the Christmas party was heroes and villains with the children being told the villains were trying to ruin the holiday season by stealing and locking away Santa’s presents.

The children were then given challenges to save the day and defeat the villains for presents.

“Use your teamwork, your brains, and your brawn and you do exactly that… Find them, and don’t let them ruin Christmas,” Prince Harry said in the video.

He then went on to tell the children and their families that it was okay to celebrate Christmas despite mourning the loss of their loved ones.

“Christmas is a time when we miss our loved ones really, really badly and that’s OK,” Harry continued.

“But at the same time, it can be possible to feel guilty for having fun without our parents. But I am here to assure you that our parents always want us to have fun, OK? So don’t feel guilty.

“You are allowed to have the best time ever, especially with this Scotty’s Little Soldiers community. Go out there, have the best time, and Merry Christmas.”

Scotty’s Little Soldiers Founder, Nikki Scott, said it meant a lot for children and their families to hear Prince Harry’s message as he could relate.

“It’s incredible for everyone at Scotty’s to have Prince Harry’s continued support,” she said.

“He knows what it’s like to grow up without a parent and understands there are certain times of the year that can be particularly challenging.

“Christmas is one of those times. We love the fact that Prince Harry not only recorded such a special message but also dressed up as Spider-Man.”

Image: Scotty’s Little Soldiers

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