It’s Robert Irwin as you’ve never seen him before and crikey he looks good!

Freshly 18, the youngest son of Australia’s beloved croc hunter Steve Irwin, has stepped out of his trademark khakis and posed for his first ever fashion shoot with Stellar magazine.

The shoot was on location at Australia Zoo on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

In an emotional interview, Irwin revealed he is as much a fashion warrior as a wildlife one, telling Stellar he’s already beginning to earn a reputation in his famous family as a style-maker.

”I’ve actually become known as the fashionable Irwin,” he revealed with his iconic enthusiasm.

“My dad wasn’t exactly a fashion icon, but he was iconic just in the fact that he made khaki cool.”

Robert says his interest in the transformative nature of fashion was actually something he picked up from his famous father who had rock-star level fame in America.

“He had an alter ego called Glenn Glamour,” Robert confides.

“He would put in false teeth, a wig, this ridiculous multi-coloured trench coat, the weirdest pants and really sketchy sneakers.

“And that’s how he would get around the zoo and no-one would notice him because he was just wearing the most ridiculous thing. So, ironically, the more exciting and experimental you are with your fashion, the less people will recognise you – at least for me.”

Robert, who was only 2 when his father passed away at 44, also opened up on how his he has felt his father’s absence most acutely in the last two years.

“Because I am sort of stepping into adulthood, having turned 18, and navigating that is hard enough [but] when you are in my situation, and you don’t have a father figure to guide you through, it’s really hard.”

The full interview and shoot can be seen inside The Sunday Telegraph (NSW), Sunday Herald Sun (VIC), The Sunday Mail (QLD) and Sunday Mail (SA) this weekend.

Images: Instagram

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