Sophie Delezio has celebrated her 21st birthday – but reaching the milestone will just be one big moment in a year that’s jam-packed with them for Sophie.

Sophie – who suffered severe injuries from two horrific car accidents in the 2000s – spoke to Woman’s Day about the momentous day and what else she has planned this year.

“Turning 21 does feel huge,” she told the publication. “I had no idea where I was going to be [at this age], mainly because of my journey.

“But I’ve tried to not have too many expectations and just live in the moment.

“I’ve got a lot ahead this year and I’m excited to get things started.”

Sophie celebrated with her nearest and dearest last month at her parent’s home on Sydney’s North Shore. Along with delicious food, they played prosecco pong – a “classy version of beer pong!” – and sang show tunes.

It was an emotional day for Sophie’s family, but she found the festivities marked a farewell to her old life and the start of her new one, kicking off with a seven-month trip hopping from country to country with her boyfriend, Joseph Salerno.

Image: Woman’s Day

“We’re so excited!” Sophie enthused. “We’re going to Canada, Alaska, New York, then over to Europe, back to the US and then ending in Japan.

“People think we’re a little crazy for doing it now [due to COVID-19] but you’ve got to do it at one point, and you can’t stay inside forever.”

The pair’s global itinerary includes seeing “a lot” of musicals – including Sophie’s favourite, Hamilton, for the 15th time – as well as catching Motley Crue, Joseph’s favourite band,  live in San Francisco.

Sophie said she was particularly excited to celebrate her birthday for a second time in London – and Joseph has planned to make it a special day for her.

“I’ve planned a nice little breakfast for us at a place called The Ivy,” Joseph, who works as a chef, told Woman’s Day.

“And then we’re off to high tea, and then to a gallery that’s showcasing the artist who did all the illustrations for the Harry Potter books, then a few bars, and then we’ll head to a cool restaurant called Sketch.”

“I [would be] happy with a picnic in the park, but he’s gone above and beyond. We’re going to have a special day,” Sophie added.

Image: Woman’s Day

But their global tour isn’t the only thing in store for the couple this year, who plan to move in with each other when they return to Australia at the end of the year.

“We’ve got a home in Sydney we’ve bought off the plan, and it’ll just be us two,” Sophie said.

“It’s a big step but I think if we can get through seven months abroad, then we’ll be OK living together.

“It’s nice having something to look forward to when we get back home from travelling.”

Having entered a new decade of her life, Sophie said she will be using it to reset, figure out her priorities and the future of her career.

“I’m just excited for it all,” she said.

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Images: Woman’s Day

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