A generous teenager has helped change the life of one of NSW’s flood victims by giving him a car.

Harry Ledger, a 17-year-old from Kiama, had recently travelled to the flood-affected area of Lismore to help in the mammoth clean up effort from devastating floods.

After doing everything he could to help the clean up, Harry decided he wanted to do more than just get his hands dirty.

With the help of his family, Harry took the car he recently bought (after saving up for more than two years) and gave it to Dylan: a local who had lost everything in the flood.

Natasha Shearer, who helped coordinate Harry’s generous donation, posted about the moment Harry handed over the keys at the weekend.

“Dylan was at work at the time and had no idea Harry was about to hand him a car,” Natasha wrote.

“Dylan was in shock and really couldn’t believe that someone especially a beautiful young 17-year-old would come and hand over a car like that.”

Harry had been saving over the last few years to buy the champagne-coloured Nissan, and decided to give it to the man who had lost his own home and car, and was couch-surfing for a place to stay and getting around on a pushbike.

“We brought him out to the car,” Natasha told the ABC.

“We told him we had a few things for him in the car and, the next thing, Harry handed him the keys.”

“He cried, he couldn’t believe it. He was very, very appreciative and in shock.”

While the clean-up efforts are continuing in Northern NSW, one local’s life is now a little easier.

Image credits: Facebook

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