More than 1,000 Paddinton Bears left for Queen Elizabeth II since her passing will be donated to charity.

The plush toys were left at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle following the late monarch’s passing on September 8.

The Palace announced that the toys will be cleaned and donated to children’s charity Barnardos.

They released a photo of the Queen Consort Camilla surrounded by the teddies to mark the special occasion.

Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Bear had a loveable friendship when he made a surprise appearance at the Platinum Jubilee.

The adorable skit showed the Queen sitting down for tea with Paddington Bear who told the monarch that he hoped she was “having a lovely Jubilee”.

The Queen then offered Paddington some tea as the pair discussed their shared love for marmalade sandwiches.

Paddington Bear then offered Her Majesty an emergency marmalade sandwich, something he always keeps hidden away in his hat.

In a funny turn of events, the Queen did not need the emergency marmalade sandwich as she had also come prepared with her own sandwich in her handbag.

The skit, which took the Queen half a day to film, was described better than her Olympic opening show cameo with James Bond.

Image: Twitter

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