As Tracy Grimshaw prepares to say her final farewells after 17 years in the A Current Affair hosting chair, many are left wondering what her next moves in the media industry will be.

Speaking candidly to 2GB’s Ray Hadley, the veteran journalist admitted she is looking forward to having some time off.

The 62-year-old said that her focus after her last show will be to “clear” her mind and “learn to sleep again”.

“I’m going to take a year off, because I feel like I need that I need a one year sabbatical where I just can clear my head and learn to sleep again, rest my stupid brain,” she said.

“I’m not just going to sit on the verandah, I’m going to see my friends. I have prioritised the work for a lot of years. I’ve put the work before really, certainly, before me.”

“I’d like time to not let my friends down. I’d like to be able to go away for a weekend and not find out say on the Friday that I’m doing an interview next week so I feel I have to spend the weekend at home prepping for the interview.”

“I want to be able to be spontaneous and flexible about those things. I’m looking forward to that.”

Despite looking forward to her well overdue downtime, Tracy hinted that she may be interested in returning to our screens eventually.

“And then after that, I think probably I’ll be bored enough to want to come back, I reckon,” she revealed.

In early September, Tracy Grimshaw announced that she would be finishing up with A Current Affair by the end of the year, with no confirmed date of when her last show might be.

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