In celebration of International Women’s Day, Julie Bishop has shared one of her iconic fashion moments.

Bishop posted a photo to Instagram of her red satin heels that are studded with diamontes, which she famously wore on the day she resigned as foreign minister from the Australian parliament.

“‘No nation can reach its full potential unless and until it embraces the skills, talent, energy and ideas of its entire population and that must include the 50% that is female.’,” she captioned the post, along with a red shoe emoji.

The quote is a call back to a speech she made in 2018 at the Global Summit of Women, where she highlighted the importance of striving for gender equality.

The iconic red shoes hail back to a particularly dreary press conference in 2018, which occurred the same week that Malcolm Turnbull lost the leadership of the Liberal government.

Bishop stood by during the address, her “power shoes” doing all the talking for her.

The former foreign minister was praised for the feminist statement, also matching her nails to the shoes to stand out in a sea of black suits in Parliament House.

In a later interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Bishop explained her thoughts behind the outfit.

“When in doubt wear red,” she said.

“Red is one of my favourite colours. It evokes power, passion and fashion. In power, I always noted that many nations have red in their flags and that’s because it symbolises courage and freedom. Passion, well, you know, red hearts, red roses. And fashion – that’s why they call it a red carpet – and red lipstick, red nail polish, red shoes.”

Image credits: Getty Images / Instagram @honjuliebishop

This article first appeared on OverSixty.