A US woman has taken to social media to share her experiences of living in a retirement community at just 31 years old.

Lifestyle blogger Liz White was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the pandemic when her job became remote, meaning she could work wherever she wanted.

After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, White went to stay with her parents in Florida in a retirement building, where nearly all of the residents are over the age of 55.

When an apartment in the building came up for rent, she applied to live there, going through an interview process and agreeing to abide by the rules.

“Basically, I am retired in my soul, but not in my bank account that requires me to have a full-time job,” she shared in her latest video on TikTok.

“Another unit became available for rent in the building, and the rest is history.”

White explained that it helped that most of the residents already knew her when she went to apply for the unit, and that there isn’t an “enforced age minimum” for those who live there.

Liz White moved into the retirement building after staying with her parents there during the pandemic. Image: @LizWhizdom (Instagram)

Since moving in, White has posted numerous videos where she gives followers tours of the building and its amenities, including water views, a heated pool that is “still too cold for residents”, a communal herb garden, a gym, and a library room for book and puzzle swapping.

Though her situation seems too good to be true, White pointed out that most of the machines in the gym are broken.

She has also detailed the rules residents must follow, admitting that she has broken a few from time to time.

“One rule is you cannot back into parking spots,” she said.

“You have to park front forward. I love this rule because I personally believe backing into parking spots is a red-flag personality trait, but that’s just me.”

White explained that a select few spots that are in the shade which are given out by seniority, with some residents waiting for over a decade to nab one.

“In order for someone to get a covered parking spot, someone else either has to move out or pass away,” she said.

“’There’s also a rule that if you have an overnight guest, you’re technically supposed to put their name up on this bulletin board,”she added. “No comment on if I’ve ever broken that rule.”

Liz White has shared an insight into her life as a 31-year-old in a retirement community, including being a ‘seventh wheel’ on a triple date and being in a ‘feud’ with one of her neighbours. Images: TikTok

She has also learned some unspoken social rules while living with her older neighbours.

“Every unit has a regular door and a glass door,” she explained.

“If you leave the regular door open, that means you are open to visitors. It’s kind of like a college dorm. If you see the door shut, that means leave people alone. If it’s open, go ahead and go on in.”

Though she is the youngest resident by a decades-long margin, White has become friends with many of her neighbours, having visited Austria with one elderly couple and being the “seventh wheel” on a dinner date with three other couples in her time living there.

White is also in a “feud” with one of her 79-year-old neighbours, with the issue being the woman is too nice.

“She and her husband are so sweet. They invite me over for dinner parties, which are literally three-course home cooked meals with dessert,” she gushed.

“They will invite me out to dinner with them. She’s constantly giving me little treats and stuff — and I can’t keep up.”

White explained that her neighbour has done far more nice things for her than she has in return, and has even turned to her viewers for advice on thoughtful things she can do.

After many suggested spending time with her neighbour was the best thing she could do, White said she would do that and something extra, opting to give her a nice towel as well.

But, the ‘win’ didn’t last for long.

“I failed,” she admitted in a follow-up video.

“She sent me a sweet test thanking me. She likes it, she’s keeping it, and then she knocks on my door ten minutes later and gives me this bracelet.

“She says, ‘You can’t just give me things in return for me doing nice things for you. That’s not how it works.’ And yet, she gives me this,” she added, holding up the bracelet.

Image: TikTok

This article first appeared on OverSixty.