Jamie Oliver has impressed fans with an easy guide on how to make homemade bread with just three ingredients in his new cooking show ‘Keep Cooking and Carry On’.

The new series aims to help viewers during the coronavirus pandemic by offering easy recipes and cooking tips on items usually found in a person’s cupboard.

The first episode was met with praise, as viewers called it “Helpful, resourceful and creative” as many people struggle to find basics in their local supermarket due to panic buying from the coronavirus pandemic.

Oliver, 44, revealed how you can make bread in just two hours using water, yeast and flour as shoppers are struggling to find any in supermarkets.

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“Cooking can be good for the soul and making bread is such a rewarding, therapeutic, tactile thing – you’ll be so proud of yourself when you’ve cracked it,” Oliver says on his recipe to make the bread.

From one simple bread recipe like this, there’s a million things you can do – big ones, small ones, in a tin, on a tray, get creative. There are also loads of lovely flours you can experiment with – wholewheat, rye, spelt, using a blend of a couple of different ones. Plus, making bread is a great thing to do with the kids – they'll love it. ”

Fans on Twitter were quick to praise Oliver for being innovative in times of crisis.

“Can I just say a huge thank you Mr Oliver. I was feeling somewhat overwhelmed, low in energy and unenthused about cooking and your recipes perked me up and for a brief moment I felt the stress slip away, plus some yummy food! I for one really appreciate your help x”

“Cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones has never been more important,” Oliver said in a statement for the show.

This article originally appeared on Over60.