Karl Stefanovic has made headlines across the UK after making a crude joke about the Queen using a walking stick at a public engagement for the first time.

The monarch was seen using the stick while attending a service at Westminster Abbey marking the centenary of the Royal British Legion.

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As Alex Cullen reported the day’s headlines on Wednesday, he said, “She was using a cane. She was 95.”

Stefanovic replied: “She could use it to beat you up.”

“I’d let her win. She’s 95,” Cullen joked.

Image: Today / Channel 9

“She would smash you bro,” Stefanovic continued, to which Cullen said: “She would smash me and then jump on me.”

“I suppose she is single,” Stefanovic replied, prompting laughter across the panel.

“And shout at me for being a proud Republican,” Stefanovic added.

Since the episode aired, the hosts have received some backlash on social media.

British supporters of the Queen took to Twitter to share their criticisms and call for Stefanovic’s firing, while British and US news publications described the joke as “crude”, “gross”, and “uncolored”.

“Not the 1st time Aussie showbiz clowns have mocked Our Royal Family to try & improve their status, when it just shows how pathetically desperate the Aussie mainstream media is for presenters, they have to scrape scum from the barrels,” user Upstart Eagle tweeted.

“I’m assuming [Stefanovic’s] aged about 12, in which case he needs his arse smacked and no supper,” author Peter Maughan tweeted.

It was the first time the Queen used the walking aid since 2004, when she was recovering following a knee operation.

Though many are concerned for the Queen’s health, it is understood she used the stick for comfort.

Image: Today / Channel 9

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