The Morning Show’s Kylie Gillies has admitted she’s responsible for any supposed snubs around Sam Armytage’s going away party.

It started when reports surfaced that Sunrise hosts David Koch and Natalie Barr were not invited to a dinner held by Armytage on her last day on Sunrise.

Barr and Kochie confirmed the rumour and Gillies has confirmed it as she attended the dinner.

“I was there… I said to Sam, ‘What are you doing after work? You can’t go home and do the washing. Let’s go out and have [lunch]. Let’s have a champagne; you can’t go home’,” she explained to The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the show where Kochie had confirmed he wasn’t invited.

Jackie O asked whether Gillies was the “one responsible for this impromptu little get-together”, Gillies agreed but squashed rumours that anyone had been snubbed.

She said the on-air Sunrise team didn’t go as they’d already spent time with Armytage toasting with Sam at Seven’s Martin Place studios.

“While we were on air [on The Morning Show], they all had some champagne in the office with Sam,” Kylie said.

This all started when Kochie and Natalie appeared on The Kyle and Jackie O show and were grilled about why they didn’t attend the event.

“Well, we didn’t know about it… we had a postponed Christmas party the next day,” Kochie said bluntly.

Natalie tried to save things and mentioned they’d been with Sam already, saying: “And we had been having champagne in the office for a while.”