A woman has shared footage of her treatment by a security guard who refused her entry to a NSW Woolworth store, shocking many online.

The single mother claimed the security guard told her she wasn’t allowed into the supermarket with her children due to COVID-19 lockdown laws.

In the clip uploaded to the woman’s TikTok account, the security worker can be heard telling the customer she would have to leave her children at home if she wanted to shop in the store.

“If you haven’t got people who can look after your children that’s unfortunate,” he can be heard saying.

“It is unfortunate and that’s why I have to bring them with me,” she replied.

“Obviously [I don’t have any friends who can look after them] so that’s why they’re with me.”

In the caption displayed over the top of the footage, the mum wrote, “apparently you can’t take your kids to the shops when [you’re] a single mum … this rent-a-cop refused entry to a mum and her kids at Woolworths”.

Later in the clip, she told him that he was “making [her] children uncomfortable”.

It is understood that the guard is not employed by Woolworths and that all customers and their children are welcome to shop in their stores.

Other TikTok users were shocked by her poor treatment.

“What do they expect? How can a single mum during lockdown get someone to watch her kids just so she can shop? When we can’t even have visitors?” one said.

“I’m assuming you are in NSW, it is on the NSW Health website that you can take dependents with you if they can’t stay at home alone,” another explained.

“He’s wrong. I would actually call Woolworths and let them know what happened so he doesn’t do this to other single mums,” a third wrote.

“That’s terrible, and I can’t imagine how you felt. I’m devastated for you and your beautiful kids. Unbelievable,” another commented.

According to Yahoo News, the Imperial shopping centre issued a statement apologising for the incident and stating that the worker’s actions were not consistent with current public health orders.

“We are aware of an incident which took place over the weekend involving an employee of our security contractor,” a spokesperson said.

“The contractor has since been removed from site and will not be returning to Imperial Gosford. We wish to extend our sincere apologies to the woman involved.

“Our staff and contractors are expected to observe the NSW guidelines, while ensuring that customers feel safe and welcome in our centre.

“We apologise that this was not reflected during her visit.”

Image: TikTok

This article originally appeared on Over60.