A woman has shared a video revealing the damage caused by her next-door neighbour after she parked on the street outside their house.

While the US TikToker, who goes by Lena Cuisine on social media, didn’t do anything wrong, her frustrated neighbour claimed she parked in the spot for his rubbish bin.

The neighbour then decided to stick an angry note on the window of her car and wrote a scathing message on the side of her white vehicle in Sharpie.

“You illegally occupied our garbage canister location, please move your car ASAP,” both messages read.

In the video, Lena said she attempted to talk to her neighbour who wouldn’t answer the door and asked for tips because the pen wasn’t coming off her car.

“This is where I’m legally allowed to park, but my neighbours like to leave lots of notes saying I’m illegally parking where their garbage can goes – it’s not even garbage day,” she explains, showing the green bin pulled up right behind her car.

The video has since gone viral, being viewed over 4 million times since it was shared on November 17.

“A garbage can doesn’t get a reserved parking space,” one person raged.

“This is so wrong, people can’t just write with permanent ink on your car,” another stated.

While another said: “I don’t understand why they’re upset with you when you’re literally parked outside your own house.”

Lena went ahead and shared a second video, showing footage of police asking the neighbour if he had vandalised the car with a marker – to which he replied: “Yes, they occupied my garbage location. I cannot put my garbage on the location.”

The officer then informs him that what he did was illegal, to which the neighbour tries to argue she had broken the law first by parking in the spot – a point police state “no” to.

After calling Lena a “bad woman”, the clip cuts to her neighbour – whose identity has been protected – cleaning her car.

He even went one step further and sprayed perfume on the vehicle to make it smell nice, later gifting her the perfume to keep for herself.

Many praised Lena for being kind when she could have been rightly angry.

“He is clearly old, was bitter and confused. You handled it with grace and maturity, I’m honestly inspired,” one said.

“This kind of hurts my heart, the confusion in old age is hard. Be kind always,” a woman wrote.

“Aww, he sounded like a grumpy old man, he was so nice to give the perfume,” another said.

“I think he feels bad now,” someone else mused, while one declared the update was “nothing I expected and everything I needed”.

Many others agreed they were torn, writing he was in the wrong but couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

Lena later shared another video updating everyone saying she was nice because she only ever wanted to have a “civil conversation” with her neighbour and for him to “clean up my car”.

This article originally appeared on Over60.