A snake catcher was left in shock after finding 57 snake skins in a family’s attic in Queensland.

Reid Newell from Snake Catchers Brisbane & Gold Coast was called to the home where he found 57 snake skins in a 7 x 7 metre roof space of the family’s new home.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, I’ve been in quite a lot of roofs, and the most I’ve seen before that was maybe four or five, so this was a massive jump,” Mr Newell told the Courier Mail.

Newell said that the photo only showed a small amount of the shedded skins he found in the property.

“I couldn’t say how many snakes it was from, but it definitely wasn’t one. It wasn’t just from the one species either, there was carpet python sheds in there, and also common tree snake sheds.”

He predicted that the former owners of the home had poultry which attracted mice to the home which then attracted snakes.

Newell didn’t find a single snake on the property, which was surprising to the family who called him in.

“The owners were pretty cool about it, they were also shocked,” he said.

“I told them the amount of skins from multiple species was crazy to me and I think they thought that was pretty cool.”

This article originally appeared on Over60.