Andrew O’Keefe has had new charges laid against him and spent the night in jail after an incident on Wednesday night.

The former Channel Seven host allegedly scratched and spat at a woman during an argument at a home in Point Piper, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Police sources told The Daily Telegraph that O’Keefe allegedly visited the woman’s home, where the pair had an argument and he became aggressive, allegedly spitting at her and scratching her arm.

The 49-year-old then felt dizzy and short of breath and was taken to hospital for assessment.

He was later arrested and spent the night at Surry Hills Police Station.

O’Keefe was hit with several domestic violence charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm, common assault, contravening an AVO, and resisting officer in execution of duty.

The new charges come two months after a series of assault charges against him were dropped on mental health grounds.

After spending the night in hail, O’Keefe was granted bail in Parramatta Court.

As he made his way out of the courtroom, O’Keefe told Channel 10 reporters, “Well I’m just getting back from last time… two strikes and you’re out in this country”.

“I spent a night in hospital, I spent a night in jail, despite an agreement with police that would not happen.

“There is a dispute about facts, a significant dispute about the facts (of what happened on Wednesday).”

O’Keefe is due to appear in court again later in the week.

Image: Channel 10

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