Simon Dorante-Day, the Queensland man claiming to be the secret son of Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, has shared new explosive evidence.

Mr Dorante-Day has made global headlines after going public with his case and continues to share new evidence.

“My grandmother, who had worked for the Queen, told me outright that I was Camilla and Charles’ son many times,” he told

The 55-year-old revealed his latest evidence, an email from Detective Inspector Dave Smith of the UK Metropolitan Police’s Royalty and Specialist Protection unit which could be crucial in assisting in his case.

Detective Inspector Smith sent an email to Mr Dorante-Day on July 7, 2015, confirming that he had hand-delivered a letter from Mr Dorante-Day to Prince Charles’ aides.

Image: Simon Dorante-Day / Facebook

In the letter, the Queensland engineer outlined his belief that Prince Charles and Camilla are his parents.

“Just to confirm that I received the letter you sent by airmail addressed to me,” Detective Inspector Smith wrote.

“I opened the outer packaging containing my details. The inner letter addressed to the Prince I took by hand, unopened to the Princes’ correspondence team.

“I hope this is suitable.”

Mr Dorante-Day believes the email confirms that Prince Charles and Camilla are aware of his claims, despite refusing to publicly comment.

“Making “No Comment” doesn’t make the issue go away, nor does it negate their responsibility for what we are enduring,” Mr Dorante-Day said.

He said he released the email to show the effort he made to solve the matter privately before going public with his claims.

“The depth to which I had already acted before this issue broke the media, or was even on Facebook or the TV, is just not clearly understood,” he said.

“This evidence is from July 2015 when my letter was handed to Prince Charles’ private secretary by D.I. David Smith of SO14 and the Metropolitan Police Professional Standards Unit.

“I authored the letter, but it was reviewed and approved by a leading Australian Family Law Firm before it was despatched.”

The email evidence comes a week after Mr Dorante-Day shared a suite of images comparing himself to Prince William and Francois Graftieaux, the alleged love-child of Prince Edward, the Duke of Windsor.

Image: Simon Dorante-Day / Facebook

“You resemble [Graftieaux] more than you do William. The familial likeness is undeniable,” one Facebook user wrote.

Image: Simon Dorante-Day / Facebook

“Wow! The resemblance is quite incredible,” another wrote of the comparison between Mr Dorante-Day and Prince William.

“There is no doubt that he is your brother,” another said.

Image: Simon Dorante-Day / Facebook

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