A hiker has revealed the frightening encounter she had while bushwalking in an Australian national park.

Erin Clare-Barrow was trekking up Mount Majura in the ACT when she spotted a huge wolf spider.

To make matters even worse, the camouflaged spider was also carrying dozens of baby spiders on its back.

The terrifying photo was shared to the ACT Parks and Conservation Service Facebook page.

“Look away arachnophobes. This wolf spider was spotted on Mt Majura carrying her babies,” the Conservation Service wrote.

“They’ll stay on her back for nearly a week until they’re ready to venture on their own. Who would have thought spiders could be so maternal?”

The scary image has gained a lot of attention, receiving over 1200 likes and 1800 comments.

“Thanks ACT Parks … there’s tonight’s nightmare sorted,” one person wrote.

“How can I unsee this?” another asked.

One user suggested that the appropriate response to seeing this spider on a hike was to “burn down the mountain and rebuild”.

Have you ever seen a wolf spider? Let us know in the comments below. 

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