A key person of interest in the high-profile William Tyrrell case has been unable to give investigating police an alibi for the day of the boy’s disappearance.

7News investigation revealed that convicted pedophile Frank Abbott was living approximately 12 kilometres from the town William went missing from in September 2014.

The elderly man is now serving time in jail for the sexual assault of three young children, to which he maintains his innocence over.

Police repeatedly questioned Abbott about his movements on the day William disappeared, and has been unable to provide a suitable alibi or someone to vouch for his movements.

Despite the mounting suspicions, Abbott maintains he has nothing to do with the disappearance.

A witness in the case named Steve, whose true identity is suppressed by a court order, claims a lot of the key evidence points to Abbott.

“I believe that he, Frank, dropped (friend Ray Porter) off at hospital and had access to Ray’s car,” Steve told 7NEWS.

When asked whether the car claim supports evidence supplied by William’s foster mother, Steve replied, “100 per cent.”

Child protection advocate Adam Washbourne claims police had relented to disclosing the number of pedophiles living near the town of Kendall at the time of William’s disappearance.

“There were 20 sex offenders in the Kendall area,” he said.

“Do you think there’s a street where there isn’t a registered sex offender? I’ve got news for you if you do.”

“They are in every town, every suburb, the safest places. They are monsters, predators, stalkers, and they live among us.”

It’s hoped that the findings of a coronial inquest into William’s disappearance will shed more light on the case, after out concluded in October last year due to the pandemic.

In September, police returned to where William was last seen on the seven year anniversary of his disappearance, saying, “Further information has come to light.”

William was only three years old when he disappeared from his grandmother’s home in Kendall, NSW, on Friday September 12th 2014.

Despite hundred of volunteers, emergency services workers and locals scouring the town, no one could find a trace of the missing boy.

Image credits: NSW Police/PR Image

This article first appeared on Over60.