It’s selfless work, but Townsville woman Heather McKindley doesn’t seem to mind. She runs the Lost and Found Pets Townsville website and Facebook pages and by doing this, she reunites lost pets with their owners.

McKindley has been so successful, she’s lost count!

“I love animals. I just see how many animals are looking for their homes and the number of people in the Townsville community who have lost their pets get upset,” she told The Townsville Bulletin.

As McKindley runs seven Facebook pages, it’s safe to say she’s amassed quite a following – with one page having over 8500 people looking for their animals.

Her most commonly helped pets include dogs, cats and even birds.

As McKindley struggled to fill her time after leaving the army, she figured that a good way to be productive was to help people find their lost pets.

“I have chronic manic depression because of the aArmy … I have panic attacks and things,” Ms McKindley explained.

“At home I can just do things at my own pace, this way I can still help people,” she said.

“I just keep going on the page and talking to the people.

“I spend a lot of time talking to people, I make a lot of phone calls to vets.”

Ms McKindley also generously drops off the pets she finds, which can sometimes lead to interesting stories.

“A dog was taken from Townsville… its owners went to see the Cowboys (NRL team). When they were away at the game, the dog went missing.

“I found the dog in Charters Towers.

“The neighbours had taken the dog for a drive and dumped it.”

Have you ever lost a pet and been happily reunited? Share your story with us in the comments below.


This article was written in partnership with Over60.