A woman has shared the heart-warming moment she gave her ill mother the ultimate surprise while she was in palliative care.

In a post to the popular Facebook group The Kindness Pandemic, Lisa McDonald said she and her sister have been caring for their sick mother, who is a life-long fan of deer and the Disney film Bambi.

Lisa and her sister came up with the idea for a real-life Bambi to visit her in her palliative care homes and got in touch with a couple how owned a mobile petting farm.

The couple, Chris and Simone, travelled two and a half hours to Melbourne in order to surprise Lisa’s mother with the adorable fawn, coincidentally called Bambi.

Lisa shared the tear-jerking video of her mother meeting Bambi, and becoming instantly besotted with the animal.

“She has Bambi statues everywhere, she is wearing a Bambi T-shirt in her bed and will be cremated in one too,” Lisa wrote.

“My sister and I and the rest of the family that are supporting us are also wearing Bambi T-shirts… we are calling them our nursing uniforms.”

Lisa contacted Simone and Chris after finding their business and arranged for them to bring Bambi to her mother’s bedside the following day.

“However unfortunately mum deteriorated quickly today and Simone and Chris didn’t hesitate… they drove two and a half hours to bring Bambi to meet mum,” Lisa said.

“Out of pure love and kindness. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my mum and my family.”

Lisa’s post to the Facebook has been flooded with well-wishes after receiving over 17,000 likes.

“Brought me to tears. What a special and touching moment. Absolutely beautiful people to drive all that way for your mum to experience something so magical before she passes,” one woman wrote.

“This is so beautiful. She would have absolutely loved this so much. You can see it in her eyes how much joy it brought to her. Bless them, and bless you and your beautiful Mum,” another said.

“I have tears streaming down my face. What a beautiful thing for you to arrange and have happen for your mum!!! She has certainly raised two beautiful daughters with such dedication,” a third person said.

Image credits: Facebook – The Kindness Pandemic

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