Bindi Irwin has come under fire for her “pathetic, useless” response to a “tragedy” at a wildlife farm in the US.

The wildlife warrior was contacted on Twitter by Taylor Blake in Florida, asking for help to cure her emu Emmanuel, who has avian influenza.

According to Taylor, avian flu has killed 99 percent of the other birds who live at Knuckle Bump Farms, in what she described as a “massive tragedy”.

Running out of options to save her celebrity emu, Taylor reached out to the Aussie wildlife warriors online.

Bindi Irwin responded saying that, although Australia Zoo had treated more than 100,000 animals, it had “never treated an emu with this particular disease”.

“We will need to rely on our fellow animal experts with more experience with this avian flu,” she began, in a tweet in response to Blake’s call for help.

She signed off the response with, “Sending love and light your way from our entire family”.

Bindi’s response was quickly condemned online, with many suggesting the Irwins might have been able to do something to assist.

“What a pathetic, useless reply,” one Twitter user began.

“Zero effort to help when you are in a supposedly unique position to use your influence and contacts to actually help her.”

Another wrote, “There is a lot they (the Irwins) can do. Very few people have their massive access.”

“Thoughts and prayers are nice, but is there not someone you could recommend, given your family has been in this field for years?” another said. “Empty words.”

Added another, “So you don’t know of anyone in your network who could help?

“One would assume it wouldn’t be hard for you to ask around or spread the word in the hopes someone with the right experience comes forward.”

Despite the onslaught of criticism, others believed the Irwins would be helping in any way they could.

One person said, “I feel quietly certain that behind the scenes they are helping resource the right specialists for Emmanuel. Quiet achievers.”

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This article first appeared on OverSixty.