A grandfather has been left battered and bruised after getting in a fight with a kangaroo, while trying to protect his dogs.

Victorian man Cliff Dess squared up with the huge animal when it broke onto his property and started intimidating his pets.

Despite his best efforts, the 59-year-old was trampled by the kangaroo.

“It was a six-foot buck in an aggressive mood,” Dess told 7News.

Grabbing a stick for protection, the grandfather refuses to back down, wrestling to stop the beast clawing at his face.

“I was fortunate enough I landed, there was a big stick there, so I sort of started whacking it across the head and that and started defending myself but then the stick snapped like a carrot.”

When Cliff first saw the huge animal outside his house, he approached it with caution in an attempt to shoo it away with ease.

“I was a good 30-40 feet away from it, but it stood back on its tail and hind legs and claws up and started making grunting noises,” he said.

The terrifying tousle lasted minutes until Dess wrestled the roo to the ground, using his weight to subdue it.

“At least I had a little bit of fight in the tank,” Dess said.

Despite suffering injuries to his back, Cliff was glad the roo chose his house to approach and not someone else.

“There’s a lot of old people who walk past here and a lot of women with children and prams. It could’ve been worse. It could’ve been one of those.”

Image credits: 7News

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