A woman in the US received quite the surprise when she set out to pick up her new furry friend, expecting to find a fluff ball in the form of a Shih-Tzu-cross-Bichon ‘Shichon’ puppy waiting for her.

However, Melissa Windsor’s dreams took a turn when she met the mutt destined to capture her heart, and learned that things don’t always look exactly like they did online.

Taking to Facebook to share her story, Melissa posted two pictures – one of the caramel teddy bear puppy she’d been seeking, and another of what she’d received, a scruffy little fellow with an alarming case of bedhead.

“Little Roosevelt is four-months-old and looks more like a llama than a teddy bear,” she captioned her post, and the image of the sweet-faced Roosevelt in his pyjamas, “but I love him just the same.”

According to Daily Paws, ‘shichons’ are generally small and fluffy, although the cross bread has the potential to produce puppies that have “totally different” appearances across just one litter.

The post drew in over 1,000 views, and more than 200 other comments from fellow What I Asked For vs What I Got users. And while some took the opportunity to suggest that Melissa had brought the case of ‘dogfishing’ upon herself, most were every bit as amused as the proud new owner, and took to the comments to share their delight at the tale.

One spoke for the masses when they declared that “he’s such a cute mess!”

“He’s awesomely cute,” another agreed, before elaborating that it was “in a manic Einstein kinda way”.

“His hair looks like Kramer from Seinfeld,” one remarked.

“Looks like he’s been electrocuted,” someone noted.

“Poor buddy looks like me when the coffee hasn’t kicked in,” another shared, “fighting with four kids.”

One user went on to tell Melissa that their dog looked just like her beloved Roosevelt, asking if it was “possible that he’s a mini Aussie doodle?”

Some groomers, however, suggested that he just didn’t look like Melissa expected as he hadn’t had his fur tended to just yet.

Melissa then shared that she was going to get a DNA test for the precious pup, as “at this point anything is possible”, and that she would like to know if her little friend would actually have the traits and qualities expected of his supposed breed.

Images: Facebook

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