Grace Tame has taken another swipe at Prime Minister Scott Morrison, after he shared a seemingly innocent selfie of his pet cat Charlie recently, who appeared not impressed…or you know, however cats are supposed to look.

“You’ve met Buddy before, but this is Charlie,” wrote the PM. “He’s been part of our family for almost ten years. And he’s definitely in charge.”

The former Australian of the Year took the opportunity to take a dig at the prime minister in reference to her not smiling in a now-famous photo with him earlier in the year.

“Pardon my Twitter absence, I’ve been shapeshifting,” she tweeted with a screenshot of ScoMo’s cat post.

Ms Tame’s post was met with a barrage of support, with many sharing the same image but photoshopping her head onto the cat.

“You are a special kind of perfect & we do not deserve you,” one person wrote.

“The cat has a pretty decent side eye,” another commented.

“First thing I see on opening my Twitter feed and thank you for the genuine belly laugh! You’re amazing,” someone else wrote.

Ms Tame sparked national debate following her unsmiling photo with Mr Morrison, with some MPs, journalists and members of the public describing her behaviour as “ungracious and rude” and “childish and embarrassing”.

Image: Twitter

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