Misty, Coco and even VB – some of these you've probably heard of before but for others they're slightly unusual additions to the most popular choices of pet names in Australia.

According to a survey by, which has a database of over 30,000 Pet Resumes, Bella has been revealed as the most common name for both cats and dogs for renting Australians. It was also highly rated as a name for rabbits.

For our canine playmates, Buddy and Charlie ranked high in popularity stakes, with Max, Ruby and Missy also making the list.

Top -Aussie -dog -names

For our feline friends Smokey, Buddy and Oscar followed closely, with Shadow and Button not far behind.

Top -Aussie -cat -names

But when it comes to naming our companions many of us seem to take inspiration from our favourite foods and beverages. Making the list for most popular food and drink names for pets include Tequila, Moet, Oreo and Mango. Amusingly, VB is the eighth most popular drink name.

Top -food -and -drink -pet -names

The data also revealed the most popular names for some our feathery and scaly friends. Spike was the favourite for lizard-lovers and Bugs reigned supreme for, you guessed it, rabbits; followed by other unsurprising additions – Bunny, Bugsy and Benjamin. Though, when it came to naming some of our underwater buddies, a fairly common and not too imaginative choice was Fish.

Terrier -puppies -pets
Dogs are the pet of choice for many Australians

Between the many pets named, Aussie renters preferred dogs as the favourite pet (representing 68% of all the pets) with cats coming in a distant second at 24%. And the least popular pet? Spiders … and you can't really argue with that!

What is your pet's name? Did they make the list?

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