Special Forces veteran Luke Evans has launched an emotional appeal after his seven-week old puppy was stolen from his doggy daycare farm on Monday morning

The father-of-three set up the farm on NSW’s Central Coast three years ago with the help of his wife following 11 years of service in the navy to help him cope with his PTSD.

The farm offers daycare for pets and also works to rehabilitate and find forever homes for rescue dogs.

The dogs, who were all secret inside at the time of the theft, began barking around 4am to alert the couple that something was wrong.

The navy veteran got up to check out the commotion, but didn’t find out of the ordinary.

It wasn’t the next morning that Luke realised one of their beautiful blue-eyed Australian Shepherd-husky cross litter pups was missing.

The puppy was taken from a seperate room where the litter was being kept away from the larger dogs during the night.

“This little male pup that has been taken is just 7 weeks old, incredibly cute, two bright blue eyes and perfect Blue Merle and White markings,” the family wrote online.

“The little one is microchipped and the number has been reported as stolen.”

“We sincerely hope that someone might make the right decision to hand him in somewhere. Or perhaps someone might recognise him and let the police know.”

“We are heartbroken. Numb. Terribly deflated. So many emotions right now. Disappointed. Disbelief. Concerned. Upset. Angry. Lost,” the post read.

The 37-year-old navy veteran suspects the thief had been watching his daycare’s YouTube channel, where he shares updates on his animals and an insight into their life on the farm, in order to plan the daring heist.

Following the theft, the farm has been set up with extra security measures including multiple cameras and alarms to keep their animals safe.

Image credits: Facebook – Doggy Daycare Farm Trips 

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