Prince Charles has revealed the last conversation he had with his father, Prince Philip, the day before he died.

A new documentary shows that the Prince of Wales called his father on April 8th 2021 to discuss plans for the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday in June.

The Daily Mail reports that Prince Charles called his father at Windsor to chat about celebrating the centenary.

Charles said, “We’re talking about your birthday.”

He had to speak up a bit more loudly due to Philip’s failing hearing, as Charles repeated, “We’re talking about your birthday!”

“And whether there’s going to be reception!”

To which Philip replied, “Well, I’ve got to be alive for it, haven’t I?”

In what may have been their last ever conversation, Charles responded, “I knew you’d say that!”

Philip died the following day, April 9th 2021, at aged 99.

The final exchange between the father and son comes from a BBC documentary that will be broadcast around Britain next week.

Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers is set to feature other senior royals share their personal recollections of the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The duke’s other children, Andrew, Anne and Edward, will also share emotional stories of their father.

Camila, the Duchess of Cornwall, says in remembrance, “It felt like the end of an era.”

“They’re a very difficult generation to live up to but I’m very proud and very pleased that I knew him.”

Her husband Charles adds, “We were lucky to have him for nearly 100 years.”

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