Social media has been sent into trivia turmoil after one Reddit user uploaded a picture from a pub trivia session, declaring that their “mate left before getting the answer”.

The image in question, which appeared on a quiz sheet at Sydney’s Penrith Gaels Club, features the silhouettes of five individuals – two female heads and three male figures, with check marks above the heads of the women.

“From pub trivia, mate left before getting the answer,” the Reddit user explained, before posing the question, “any ideas?”

According to the user, these kinds of questions are typically either a phrase or a saying, but that was the only clue any of them had when it came to figuring out the bizarre puzzle.

The post has since gathered over 9,000 responses, with 2.1k commenters stopping by to share their thoughts on the situation.

From pub trivia, mate left before getting the answer, any ideas? from australia

Some took their chance at guessing, some simply marvelled at the entertainment the struggle was providing, and one even had a laugh at the mate’s expense, noting that they’d fled at “Puzzle #1”.

The potential answers kept rolling, but with many stellar contenders, no-one could reach an agreement, though amusement was high as the discussion went on.

“Behind all great men is a ticked off woman?” wrote one user, to 670 upvotes.

“The right men check on ladies first?” suggested one.

“The only thing I’ve got is two’s company, three’s a crowd,” was another popular guess, with the user adding, “it’s a bit weak, though.”

“Is it a microphone test?” asked one clever commenter, “check, check. 1-2, 1-2-3.”

Eventually, the original poster informed everyone that he’d taken the plunge and reached out to the pub for the answer, “but another Redditer commented saying he was there and that the Trivia Master accepted all answers because no one got it.”

And to what should have been the delight of everyone involved, he got an answer – it just wasn’t nearly as funny as anything they’d come up with on the Reddit thread, with the crowd of trivia fans given a new burst of energy is expressing their annoyance with the uninspired solution.

“Alright, the pub saw the post and they have found the answer that the Trivia Master was looking for,” he announced, “the answer is ‘Ladies First’. A little bit anticlimactic but at least we have the answer now.”

Images: Reddit

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