The man filmed pushing a koala in an ALDI trolley has explained how he came to find himself in such an unusual situation.

Peter Elmore, from Hastings, Victoria, spoke to 7NEWS about the TikTok video a stranger recorded that shows him pushing a koala in a trolley in an ALDI carpark, explaining that he and his wife Kelly were on holiday in Portland he visited the local ALDI.

His grocery run quickly turned into an animal rescue attempt, however, when he noticed a koala that had become trapped in the parking lot. He told 7NEWS, “There was only one way in and out of the carpark, and the koala was cornered. She was trying to climb the high wooden fence and kept falling. And because koalas can’t put their arms out to protect themselves when they fall, she kept landing on her head and bashing her face.

“Then I saw an elderly man nearly run over her and I knew I had to get her out of there.”

Peter and his wife are wildlife volunteers and have experience with rescuing koalas, telling 7NEWS, “We have a few koalas around where we live, so I’ve done it before.”

As for why he put the koala in the shopping trolley, he explained, “I would’ve put her in the back of my car, but I had my dog with me. And I would’ve carried her, but then I saw the ALDI trolley and thought that would be a bit easier!

Fortunately, according to Elmore, “She was very happy to be picked up and rescued. Male koalas can be a little more feisty, but she was relaxed in the trolley and was happy for me to move her around.

“I only had to push her about 100 metres until we got to a bit of bushland. Then she went into someone’s backyard and up a tree.

“It was a happy ending.”

As for the video, Elmore said, “I didn’t even know I’d been photographed until I saw the video! I can see that it would’ve looked a little unusual.

“But the trolley was just there to help out the koala, it was very handy!”

Image: TikTok/Peter Elmore

This article first appeared on OverSixty.