Coming up with a surprise is already a hard enough task, but Ben Fordham might’ve been a bit too creative when he planned this hilarious gift for his wife Jodie Speers.

The 2GB radio host shamefully – and hilariously – spilled the tea on the “one-of-a-kind” gift he got for his wife on the latest episode of He Said She Said with Shelly Horton.

Fordham recalled visiting a building site with their three children and letting them spray-paint parts of the building, including an old toilet.

He then decided to bring the painted toilet home as a surprise, which ultimately, didn’t impress his wife.

“Jodie didn’t like it, and so she said, ‘Get it out of the house,'” he told Horton.

Fordham admitted that it stayed in the “corner of the backyard for about a year” before he got rid of it.

He tried to hilariously justify his thought process, “I thought she’d think it was cute, it was painted by her children, her flesh and blood!”

Horton quipped that this was “possibly one of the worst presents I’ve ever heard of.”

The radio host then shared that he and his wife usually “tip each other off” about the gifts that they want, but they occasionally try to surprise each other.

Both hosts eventually came to the conclusion that “experiences” are excellent gifts for long-term couples who already have “everything.”

Images: Instagram/9Honey

This article first appeared on Over60.