A newly married bride has decided to follow in her parents’ hilarious footsteps by swapping her wedding day outfit with her new husband.

Rosie Joyce, a fashion and lifestyle influencer, documented her special day online, with her picturesque wedding drawing in thousands of views.

However, the picture perfect wedding took a jovial turn when Rosie and her husband Justin emerged in each others’ wedding attire.

Rosie drew inspiration from her parents, who started the tradition on their wedding recovery day, with Rosie’s dad coming out in her mother’s white wedding dress, while her mum donned Rosie’s father’s tux.

“I grew up obsessed with these photos! How did we do?” Rosie wrote in her video. “We wanted to recreate the photos and surprise everyone on our recovery day.”

In their recreation, Justin wore Rosie’s white strapless gown and Rosie dressed in Justin’s wedding day suit as they snapped some adorable photos.

The big reveal went viral online, with Rosie documenting their story in a TikTok which has over 10 million views.

One viewer said they were “Obsessed!” with the photos, while another praised Rosie’s new look, saying “You absolutely ate it up in that suit, my god.”

And while many commenters pointed out that as darling as Rosie and her hubby looked, the real stars of this TikTok show were her parents.

“Your parents hair?? The drinks?? The cig?? Perfection” wrote one.

“Your Dad looks like Neil Diamond in his early years,” pointed out another, while another viewer thought “it was a deleted scene from Parent Trap,” noting her father’s resemblance to Dennis Quaid.

Other viewers were quick to comment on how reflective and sweet the recreation photos were, with one person writing, “This is such a cool tradition to carry on!! Absolutely love this.”

Another viewer summed up Rosie and Justin’s adorable relationship, writing, “The fact that your new hubby loved the idea shows you found the one.”

Image credits: TikTok

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