Kennedy Marks is neither engaged nor expecting to be any time soon. However, that has not stopped her from devising a super comprehensive list of exactly what will and will not happen on her wedding day.

The 22-year-old from Devon in the UK has posted a now-viral video to TikTok explaining the rules she will expect guests to observe. The list is reasonably lengthy, with 13 rules to be precise.

The list includes rules such as “no phones,” “don’t stress me out, ask my mum,” and no children “unless pre-approved.”

“I don’t want children screaming during the ceremony, I don’t want children running on the dance floor when I’m trying to do my first dance because you’re at the bar,” she says.

No “boring” people will be allowed, and anyone who has the gall to step on the dance floor during the first dance will be “dragged off and never seen again.”

Other rules on the list include: No-one else wearing white (otherwise “a bottle of red wine will be poured on you”); not to automatically expect you can bring a plus-one; and no-one to make any “big announcements.”

“Please, for the love of God, do not take the attention away from me.

In a follow up video, Kennedy explained some more of her rules.

“No rudeness to staff or you’re out, I want them to dance, I want them to have fun, I want them to have a good shift,” she says.

“No phones at the ceremony, I don’t want all of my photos to be on phones, I want to enjoy the moment, let’s all embrace it.”

The clip has surpassed almost 700,000 views and the reactions have been diverse. Some have applauded Kennedy for knowing just what she wants, while others have of course branded her a “Bridezilla.”

“This is the list I needed,” one follower wrote.

The full rule list:

1. No-one else wearing white.

2. No children (unless approved).

3. Don’t assume an invitation for a plus-one.

4. No big announcements.

5. No-one to use the microphone unless approved.

6. Don’t stress me out, ask my mum.

7. No boring people.

8. If me or (boyfriend) Rhys have never met you, you aren’t coming.

9. No rudeness to staff or you’re out.

10. No phones in the ceremony.

11. Anyone on the dancefloor on my first dance will be dragged off.

12. Guests wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

13. Full use of my photographer after my photos.

Images: TikTok

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