A Melbourne bride has shocked her wedding guests, along with her groom, as she cut her hair midway through her wedding.

Luciana, 27, married the love of her life James, 28, in May after having to postpone their wedding three times due to Covid lockdowns in Victoria.

Halfway through the reception, Luciana disappeared to undergo a drastic change, with no one at the wedding knowing what she was up to.

“I’ve always had this idea of cutting my hair mid-wedding,” she told Daily Mail Australia – and that’s exactly what she did.

Luciana started her wedding with her long hair in curls, and finished the day with a short, sleek bob.

Her hairdresser Brooke captured the moment, and shared the transformation video online, with the clip now having over 6 million views.

“My husband was so speechless but loved it so much. The whole night he was telling me that he loved it and that he had no idea what the surprise was,” Luciana said.

“He really loves my hair short, and since we were going on a honeymoon straight after I thought why not make it easier for me to style in the hot weather.”

“I love the new look. I’ve been planning it with my hairdresser Brooke Murray for two years.”

The cut itself only took 25 minutes and Luciana said Brooke is the “only hairdresser” she trusts.

“No one knew about the surprise haircut, so when I walked out there was some people who were confused and others who were screaming and cheering.”

“Nobody believed how quick the haircut took but Brooke had her A-game on and nailed it. It was a perfect cut.”

Image credits: Instagram 

This article first appeared on OverSixty.