Harry Styles has been in Australia for a little over a week, and has made headlines for partaking in a range of Aussie traditions.

But while in Melbourne, the British pop icon brought his own wholesome Love on Tour tradition Down Under by helping a fan “come out” to her parents.

On stage at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium, the 29-year-old paused the musical proceedings after spotting a fan with a sign.

In a viral video shared to social media, Harry paused his concert mid-show to chat with the fan, who was named Fauve.

“Fauve’s sign says, ‘Help me come out. My mum’s next to me, and dad is level 2, section 41,'” he read.

“I feel like I could help,” Harry added modestly, adding, “I feel like she might know” in response to Fauve’s mother Lisa who stood beside her.

“I mean, I’ve just said it and it’s on the screen.”

Harry, who has helped fans come out in recent years and to announce other major life events, asked, “Would you like us to go through the Love On Tour coming-out process?”

“This is the first time we’re taking this Down Under, so prepare yourselves,” he said. “Everything’s gonna be upside down!”

Harry then prompted his band to supply him with some “coming-out music,” which turned out to be a funky disco-inflected groove.

“Are you happy with the music? This suits the occasion?” he said as he checked in with Fauve.

“Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” he shouted out to the rhythm of the music while raising his hands to pump up the audience.

“Fauve is out!” he said at the conclusion of the short number. “It’s done!” he added as he pumped his fist triumphantly, while the audience erupted in cheers.

“You rise to the heavens of freedom, Fauve!” he shouted after the display. “Enjoy yourself!”

Harry Styles has long been helping fans come out during his Love on Tour shows around the world, as he previously previously went viral for the heart-warming moments during shows from 2021 and 2022.

Image credits: Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.