During a hilarious and at times touching and revealing podcast with Gus Worland recently, Hugh Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness addressed the longheld rumours surrounding her husband’s sexuality – before opening up on how she and the children cope whenever Hugh has a sex scene in one of his films.

When asked by Worland on his Not an Overnight Success podcast about the rumours that Hugh is “gay”, Furness simply mocked the idea as baseless and “so silly” – and that it’s just one of many rumours that have circulated about Jackman over the years.

“I mean HELLO, guys,” said Furness, “if he was gay, he could be gay!

‘He didn’t have to hide in the closet anymore, and he’d be dating Brad Pitt, or whatever. Not that Brad’s gay, but you know what I’m saying!’

She continued: ‘It’s so silly, and then people perpetuate silly things and it’s boring.’

Later on in the podcast, Worland then questioned Furness about how she and the kids handle it when Jackman is asked to get hot and heavy with an on-screen love interest – as well as how HE copes when she is required to do the same.

“What’s it like when you’re doing a love scene in the movie, and Jacko’s watching and vice-versa?’ posed Worland.

“It’s so weird,” replied Furness. “I suppose because I’ve done it so many times before, it’s not really romantic. You’ve got the light in your face, you’ve got to hit a mark and so it’s not really sexy.”

But when it comes to watching Jackman perform in romantic scenes, it’s a little different.

“When I’m sitting in the theatre watching – especially if I’m with the kids – I feel a little uncomfortable,” she said.

“But also a lot of the times I’m very good friends with the actress he’s making out with as we’re making a film, we all get to know each other.

“Sometimes it’s weird seeing it, and I think the kids are like, “Ahh!” [Oscar] doesn’t want to watch.

“When you’re in a relationship, that’s just all fluff, you know? It’s all fluff.”

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