Ever been in a heated discussion that just wouldn’t cease? Sometimes, no matter how hard you try in getting your points across and providing facts to back them up, the other person simply refuses to acknowledge them. However, there’s a simple trick that could put a stop to the winding debate you find yourself in.

According to Reddit user u/nfhii, there is a fitting response that could stop uncomfortable conversations in their tracks: “Fair enough.”

The line is especially suitable for when you could see the other person’s reasoning or how they get to the point they’re making. It does not necessarily resolve the argument, but it allows you to move on in a peaceable way.

User u/kyithios summed it up: “Context and tone matters. When I say “fair enough” to friends when discussing something, it’s usually to denote I get their point. I may not necessarily agree with said point, but I get what they mean. As a result, we can move forward with a conversation or even change the subject without making things awkward, or someone angry.

“In short, it’s just an acknowledgement of an argument, and understanding of it.”

What about when the opposing party is wrong and far from fair? Saying “agree to disagree” suggests that more discussion is not going to change either of your minds and helps you out without having to concede to their view.

This article originally appeared on Over60.