Influencer Camila Coelho has been slammed for putting her 7-month-old in danger, after posting multiple photos and a video of her standing with her infant son on a Paris balcony.

Coelho, who boasts over 9 million followers on Instagram, has remained silent on the backlash, despite worried followers telling her to stop.

The first photo was posted on February 27 with the caption: “Kai’s first time in PARIS. so happy to be back (for PFW) & spend my birthday tomorrow here with him and hubby!”

In the photo Coelho can be seen wearing a ribbed pink turtleneck jumper, a matching pink coat and boots and a denim miniskirt.

Her adorable son, donning an all-grey outfit, was pictured standing on the edge of the balcony with Coelho’s arms around him.

The fashion blogger’s followers immediately condemned her actions, with one saying: “Please remove these photos! Kids are not accessories!”

“Babies and balconies don’t go together. People will naturally get triggered. You are my favourite fashion blogger and I’m sure you were in control, but there will be other wannabe bloggers who will try to recreate this image and potentially put their babies at risk. It takes a second for an accident to happen. It’s not worth the risk or pic,” commented another.

“How far can you go for likes? Yes, you are in Paris and yes, you have a view. No need to put a baby on the edge of a balcony,” wrote another.

In the same series of photos, Coelho can be seen lifting her baby up and holding him a little too close to the edge.

“For the sake of his life it’s not necessary to lift him up on the edge of the balcony,” commented a follower.

“Really? So dangerous just for a photo,” commented another.

A few days later, Coelho added fuel to the fire by posting a video from the same balcony, where she is seen sipping tea on a chilly morning with Kai perched in her arms, close to the edge.

Her followers couldn’t help but express their disappointment.

“Dear Camila, I love you as a woman, how you act in everything, but this is now the second time that you come into the picture with Kai on the edge balcony,” wrote one follower.

“Disappointing….I’m starting to think you’re just trolling people. but of course everything for the many likes,” wrote another.

The video has since been deleted, but the photos are still up on Coelho’s Instagram.

Images: Instagram

This article first appeared on Over60.